KL&S Volunteers


Volunteers are an integral part of the success of Kingston Literacy & Skills (KL&S) and play a crucial role in our one-to-one tutoring program. Over 70 volunteers generously donate thousands of hours annually.

Staff recruit, screen, provide orientation and training, and support the volunteers in their respective programs. We are proud to provide a range of volunteer opportunities and have a long history of successful volunteer placement.

We hold our volunteers in high regard, and they are formally recognized and thanked during National Volunteer Week. Our volunteers are also recognized informally throughout the year.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at KL&S, please click here.


Tutoring at KL&S is the most rewarding volunteer work I have ever done.
Each student has given me unique insights into the teaching-learning dynamic.
I look forward to every tutoring session. (Also, the KL&S staff are the best!)